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While I Wait: A Journey of Recovery

Memories of Life in a Besieged City

250376_1986258707162_2061258_n[1]You lay a siege to a modern city, choking its residents from outside sources;

I watched you do it twenty years ago.

You destroy libraries, schools, museums, hospitals;

I saw them burn.

You cut off water, food and electricity to more than a million people;

I was one of the many thirsty and hungry city folk.

You use snipers to police civilian movement;

I know how you do this, I carried my friend’s skin, brains and bone fragments in my hair.

You kill and wound  civilians, women and children and you call them a collateral damage;

I was that child.

Your version of humanity is very  selective and this makes you look the other way;

War tought me  to recognize this defeaning silence of approval.

You fight the war for land and resources under the guise of righteousness;

I refused to leave my home and  go away.

You failed;

I survived.

You are in Gaza today;

I was in Sarajevo yesterday.



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